Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6- 12

MONDAY 6/9- 15.5K run via Cliff Drive and Cahills Lookout. Feeling a bit stronger. Some interesting atmospheric phenomena- saw several lenticular clouds from near Devils Hole, a bit like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

WEDNESDAY 8/9- 32K MTB- Hat Hill and Ridgewell Rds, Blackheath. Wonderful clear day, very scenic, photos here.
PM- 1K swim in 25.14.

THURSDAY 9/9- Sick all afternoon with aches, sweats, sore throat, sneezing.

FRIDAY 10/9- Pump Class at the gym followed by a 1K swim.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 30- September 5.

A little sciatica apparently sorted and back on track...

MONDAY 30/8- 1K swim in 26.44.

TUESDAY 31/8- 15K run home along Cliff Drive and a little trails thrown in for good measure. Highlighted lack of recent running, that's for sure- but I think I can do this run a few times a week. Sunny day, early spring weather.

WEDNESDAY 1/9- 40K mountain bike from Queen Vic Hospital to McMahons Lookout and back with Actionman. Great fitness ride, shattered when we got back. Some photos from it and a few recent rides out to Mt Hay are here.

THURSDAY 2/9- 1 lap of Furber Steps/Cliff Drive loop, uphill rep was 23.43. Faster than I felt.

FRIDAY 3/9- Cliff Drive run, 14.5K. Very dark and misty. Left calf and achilles a bit tight.

SATURDAY 4/9- Hill reps on the MTB. 5 x 1K on Glenraphael Drive in the range 6.24- 6.38. Pretty shattered at the end, back a bit tender. 80m gain over the 1K.

SUNDAY 5/9-1K swim in 25.24.

Three runs, two rides and two swims for the week. Not bad.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9-15.

MONDAY AUGUST 9, 2010. 10K @ 5.45min/km. Slow road run with Anne, both of us a bit scratchy after weekend long runs. Clear cold day, frosts in abundance.

TUESDAY AUGUST 10, 2010. 7K including 20 x 30' sprint, 30' recovery. On a very wet track at Pitt Park. Last 5 reps really blew the pipes out. Slow warmdown.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 11, 2010. RPM Class followed by 1K swim. Good sweaty RPM class followed by 1K swim which was a mix of 100m kicking with float, 100m catch up drills, 100m freestyle. Felt like someone who hadn't swum since, oh, November last year......

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Perrys Lookdown- Lockleys-return.

Sometimes I feel quite smug about where I live. Like today.

I'm hoping this will be a regular jaunt as thoughts vaguely turn towards Bogong-Hotham.... about 12K of rocky trails with 1300m climbing and descent, bisecting the iconic Blue Gum Forest twice. Frigging awesome, wild views.

In Feb I did this with Rod, Beaver, Ponkey and Mick in 2.59. Considerably slower today. 3.23.58. Back then I was running three laps of Furber Steps every Thursday, track sessions etc, whereas lately I have been doing three fifths of bugger-all.

Splits as follows...

"Four Ways" in Blue Gum Forest- 37.45 (downhill)
Lockleys Summit- 60.00/ 1.37.45 (uphill)
"Four Ways" in Blue Gum Forest- 54.38/2.32.23 (downhill)
Perrys Lookdown carpark- 51.35/ 3.23.58 (uphill).

Magnificent day out, sunny but cold. Lockleys track is still exposed to the sun almost all the way, will be hell in summer. Quite a bit of loose rock around also, coming down was almost as slow as going up.

Some photos here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 16-22

MONDAY 16/11-No training. Achilles getting a little TLC.

TUESDAY 17/11-8.25K with Anne @ 5.20 pace.

WEDNESDAY 18/11- 5.5K easy.

THURSDAY 19/11- Kedumba Pass, 15.5K in 1.52. Ran well until a couple of K up the Pass, then suffered badly in the heat.

FRIDAY 20/11 and SATURDAY 21/11- No training.

SUNDAY 22/11- 17K in 2.20 with Anne and Jo, rough going with lots of steps on the Cliff Walk on a hot day. Felt okay.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 9-15.

MONDAY 9/11- AM- 5.5K hilly road run, Wentworth Falls- Leura.
PM- 8K road run, flatter- Leura-Wentworth Falls.

TUESDAY 10/11- AM- 8K trail run with Anne, Darwins- Shortcut- Nature Track.
PM- RPM Class and 4K run around Catalina Park.
WEDNESDAY 11/11- Brick session, 21K on bike and 3K run. Hot day.
THURSDAY 12/11- 2 reps of Furber Steps, 11K, in 23.07 and 24.06. Improving. Good session, some competition out there.... pulled up with a sore achilles- right hand side- opposite to the one that was stuffed back in April.
FRIDAY 13/11- 6.5K run on Narrowneck with Scam in misty conditions. Achilles a bit sore.
SATURDAY 14/11- No training.
SUNDAY 15/11- Mt Hay Rd- Lockleys Pylon- Blue Gum Swamp- return. 13K, 2hrs 50, very steep and hot. Achilles still a bit tender.